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Electric Motor Testing



For the month of March we will be focusing on the machine train analysis tools of the EMAX Current Demodulation technology starting with gears. Reduction gears play a key role in industry to control shaft rotation speeds of various applications. Knowing a little bit about the gear application being tested you can rely on the EMAX Current Demodulation test to accurately trend changes in the condition of the gears. The current being measured is feeding the stator windings. However, changes in torque due to load or fault anomalies will transfer through the gear box to the motor rotor, into the air gap between the rotor and stator, finally impacting the stator current. Gear box related anomalies will result in elevated peaks correlating to the reduced output shaft speed of the gear box. It is important to establish proper baseline amplitudes and build band alarms around these known frequencies on the current demodulation spectrum.


To see a case study using EMAX Current Demodulation to identify gear related anomalies visit our YouTube channel at:

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